This chapter is about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is about letting ourselves be evangelized so that we can evangelize others. To be evangelized, we must allow ourselves to step out of our comfort zones. Only there can God’s grace be truly seen as an active force in our lives.

Why is it so important to be uncomfortable? Remember Jesus said to his disciples, “Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Mt 5:10). We are called to take on a persecution mindset. Share our faith is personal and leaves us vulnerable for rejection. It is and never will be something that makes us feel uncomfortable.

Here are the nine challenges from the book that will lead you out of your comfort zone into a place where you can be evangelized.

Top Takeaways from Chapter 6

Challenge 1: I Love Me

Look at yourself in the mirror. Tell the person you see there, with all honesty, “I love you.”

Challenge 2: Our Personal Encounters of the Third Kind

Recall your “encounter stories”–the moments in your life that express a clear encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Challenge 3: Remove the Armor

Allow yourself to be seen for who you really are.

Challenge 4: See Others for Who They Really Are

Look past first impressions and seek to get to know someone for who they really are.

Challenge 5: Make Prayer a Habit

Establish or improve a daily prayer practice.

Challenge 6: Love Your Enemies

Seek to get to know and understand the people who you do not like.

Challenge 7: Two by Two

Ask a friend and fellow disciple to help you heal, proclaim, and teach.

Challenge 8: The Role of the Spirit

Seek the help of the Holy Spirit in your life and ministry.

Challenge 9: Bread for the Journey

Live out the words of the dismissal at mass to “Go” by bringing the Spirit of the Eucharist and communion to others.