Before we can catechize, we have to evangelize. Church documents make it very clear: evangelization is a process not an event.

In order to effectively evangelize, we must take people through a process of evangelization and catechesis that requires different levels of healing, proclaiming, and teaching along the way.

Just because someone identifies as Catholic, doesn’t mean they have been evangelized. All Catholics aren’t necessarily disciples. Even baptized Catholics may need to embrace the grace of their baptism. This is why we are called to be evangelizing disciples going out to healing, proclaiming, and teaching so that others can progress along the path towards discipleship.

Top Takeaways from Chapter 2

Evangelization is a Process 

The National Directory for Catechesis outlines five stages of evangelization, each of which lines up with the work of healing, proclaiming, and teaching.

The Catechumenate inspires all catechesis.

Since most Catholics were baptized as infants, they haven’t been taken through the stages of the catechumenate. We need to evangelize before we catechize.

“Evangelizing Disciples”

To be an “intentional disciple” is to make the commitment to follow Christ. To be an “evangelizing disciple” is to go forth to heal, proclaim, and teach as a follower of Christ.