To Heal, Proclaim, and Teach

The Essential Guide to Ministry in Today’s Catholic Church

Jesus had a threefold ministry on Earth: to heal the sick and wounded, proclaim the Good News, and teach those who became his disciples. It’s an approach imitated by the saints throughout history and continues to be the cornerstone of successful ministry in parishes, Catholic schools, and other vibrant programs today.

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We have to evangelize before we catechize. This book will show you how.
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Who Should Read this Book

If You Work for the Church . . .  
Whether you are a minister working with children, teens, or adults, this book will help you inspire the people you serve and grow your ministries.
If You Volunteer in Your Church  . . . 
Do you care about your parish and our Church? Do you want to help spread our faith to others who need it? This book will show you how.
If Your Friends or Loved Ones Have Left the Church . . .  
Can’t understand why your children, siblings, and friends no longer go to Church? Following the heal, proclaim, and teach approach might convince them to come back.

Expanded Table of Contents


Why the Heal, Proclaim, and Teach approach is more important today than ever before.

Chapter 1: The Evangelized and the Evangelizers 

An overview of the various groups of people in the Gospels who Jesus healed, proclaimed the gospel, and taught as disciples.

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Chapter 2: Stages of Evangelization

We have to evangelize before we catechize. This chapter uses the Church’s teaching about the stages of evangelization to explain why.

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Chapter 3: Heal

Most people overlook the absolutely essential work of healing we must do as ministers and evangelizing disciples. This chapter explains how we can heal today.

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Chapter 4: Proclaim

Proclaiming the good news is about more than good preaching. It is about showing people that God loves us and how we can love God back.

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Chapter 5: Teach  

Catechesis is not education. Catechesis has to be interesting and inspiring or it should not be done at all. This chapter will help ministers, teachers, and catechists of all ages engage people as disciples of Christ.

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Chapter 6: Be Evangelized 

Through a series of challenges, the reader will embark on a journey of spiritual formation that enables him or her to heal, proclaim, and teach.

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Chapter 7: One-on-One Evangelization 

Too many ministers focus on programs and plans, but overlook the critically important and often unstructured one-on-one mentoring that is essential for almost any ministry to be successful.

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Chapter 8: Group Evangelization

Whether a parish is developing small group ministries or large group gatherings, this chapter will help integrate the heal, proclaim, and teach approach into the day to day life of Catholic ministries.

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Chapter 9: Ministry with Children 

How catechists and teachers can heal, proclaim, and teach in religious education and Catholic schools today.

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Chapter 10: Ministry with Teenagers 

How youth ministers and high school teachers and heal, proclaim, and teach in parish youth groups and high schools today.

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Chapter 11: Ministry with College Students  

How campus ministers and college students can heal, proclaim, and teach on college campuses today.

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Chapter 12: Ministry with Young Adults 

How young adult ministries can be formed into thriving groups of single and married Catholics in their 20’s and 30’s.

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Chapter 13: Ministry with Adults 

How adult faith formation can be revolutionized by the heal, proclaim, and teach approach to Catholic ministry.

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Chapter 14: Good Soil 

A call-to-arms for all who have heard the Word of God and live it. It is time for us to cultivate good soil in our world and the Church today!

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